About Us

Health & fitness aligns with what you eat.
ToneOpEats is an online food delivery service that provides healthy and delicious food while maintaining nutrition and portion control according to your health goal. It intends to assist you in coping with your eating habits and starting a healthier lifestyle.

We ensure that we provide the best food possible and make it easy for you to order. ToneOpEats simplifies healthy eating by delivering food to your doorstep. It is the solution to all your diet-related problems.

Why ToneOpEats ?

ToneOpEats offers a wide range of delicacies that make healthy eating easy. Here is why you will love ToneOpEats:

You Choose, We Prepare

Keeping your food preference in mind, we provide healthier options which go well with your diet plans.

You Deserve The Best

Our dishes are curated by professional chefs and are monitored by expert dietitians. They ensure to maintain the proper nutrients to reach your health goal.

Your Health, Our Priority

We provide food options to complement your weight loss, weight gain and gym diet plans. We also cater according to your medical conditions and food allergies.

How It Works ?

  •    Select the diet and time preference.

  •    Select the package type.

  •    Select your subscription plan.

  •    Click on proceed and fill in your details.

  •    Pay using the available payment options.

  •    Your plan will be activated after 48 hours.

  • To order through À la carte/Swiggy/Zomato

  •    Select the meal you want to order.

  •    Pay using the available options.

  •    Your meal will be delivered as per the standard delivery time.